iOS build server updated to 2.64.6 (rev 3)

Hello everyone,

The test server for the iOS build capability has been updated. Since the last update, the following issues have been addressed:

  • Fix an issue where the File component could not read packaged assets
  • Fix issues related to BackPressed, OtherScreenClosed events not firing
  • Fix an issue that would lead to components being garbage collected after screen switching
  • Make Web requests use a higher priority
  • Make the default URL session immediately fail when no internet connection present

I still have a bunch of issues on my list that I still need to work through. If you find any further issues based on the changes above, please let me know.

Evan W. Patton, Ph.D.
Lead Software Engineer, MIT App Inventor


Anyone else having this problem again?


I have the same problem.

Off topic. Does anyone know if there is a more current version of this page? Because it seems to be out of date.

That was my fault. Access to the build server should be fixed now.

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How to report iOS bugs as i can't find any particular topic to report bugs or issues in this forum?
I found that web.DELETE performs web.GET in iOS.

Unfortunately this error has not been fixed, at least not on an iPhone 6s (iOS 15.8.2).
On an iPad 12 Pro (iOS 17.4.1) the back button on the top left works, but swiping from the left edge to the right doesn't work here either.

The problem was and is only with the compiled app (IPA).

I'll test it later also on an iPhone 15 Pro Max.

"This app cannot be installed because its integrity could not be verified."

Hmm. I am not seeing that issue on my end with my test app. Are you sure that the certificate is still current in the provisioning profile?


I can generate the IPA and install in my iPhone.

Hi @Anke. I have not problems with iPhone X v 16.7.5. If you need details from my hand no hesitate to ask me.

The first issue about BackPressed and OtherScfreenClosed firing events is running well for me. And the parameters are well moved into the screens.

But the seconf issue about Garbage collected after screen switching is not run well. If you generate the IPA for the attached AIA and test it, after 5 or 10 times that you are switching between Screen1 and Screen2 (go -return, more or less 5-10 times) the App misfire with a fatal error.

In my real App it happens at the firtst time that I had return to Screen1 from Screen2 because it is a big source AIA code. In the attched AIA (small source code) it happens after 5 o 10 times (it depens of the test).

The AIA source code attached to test has my profile to generate the IPA (you would need to change it)
testNavigation.aia (12.9 KB)

This issue is running well in my App. The answers of the GotText server request is good and not delayed as we had in the prior version.


In this issue I have not the fire event for Sreen ErrorOcurred block. The App will be waiting permanently and I only can stop it without a message for the user.

Without this block I can not manage this mistake on the App. In Android I manage the errorNumber 1101 and 1103 as a not internet connection present. In iOS is not possible it.

I suposse that in others internal app errors we will not fired this Screen ErrorOcurred block.

It also works for me on an iPhone 6s and an iPad 12 Pro (17.4.1), but not on my new iPhone 15 Pro Max. I will also check it later on an iPhone 13 (with the current iOS version 17.4.1).

The Backpressed event is not triggered in your test app on either the iPhone 56s or the iPad 12 Pro. So neither the back button at the top left nor swiping to the right works.

We are talking here about this
and you didn't even use this event. So I'm wondering what you actually tested. :woman_shrugging:

If this event is present and defined, it will not work on an iPhone 6s, nor will it work on an iPad regarding swipe right.

Hi @Anke
If you see the attached aia you can see that I manage the back screen2 to Screen1 with an app button and not with internal iOS buttons. I don't need the left up iOS button.

@Anke I put the block BackPressed top-left button in the Screen2 and it runs well and returr the right parameter rom Screen2 to the Sreen1 f. But at 2 or 5 times that you repeat the procees it generate a fatal error.
The new aia with this additional ios top-left button back:
testNavigation.aia (13.1 KB)

I think the mistake is for garbage. It has the same description error code with top-left return buttons that as with the app return button.

You are in the right topic here. Put more info of your problem or put your AIA source code. In my App for iOS is running well all the external access servers to GET, UPDATE o DEL info in a external Data Base via PHP.
In iOS remember to put also this additional block (not necesary for Android):

I set all required by server, it DELETE's in Android, but not in iOS (companion)

I'm sorry but I can not help you in this case because I have this operation with a PostText block and I manage the data base operations with PHP internally on my server with retunr answers to the app via GotText.

Ohh¡¡ I remember that the Dictionary blocks ara not yet implemented in iOS. It will be in the future. You must use only Lists (transform The Dictionary in List and tray again)

This block used for you:

Is not implemented in iOS:

And others have mistakes (we are on beta test time).

I have changed my Dictionary Blocks on my App for Lists and after all is running well in Android and iOS.