Invoke no method named get value in class java.lang.boolean how solve this error

sir i want another one feature in cloud chat app is , whenever i opened my application i dont want previous messages , then what changes i should do?

That's unusual, most Chat Apps retain the messages. I don't now how your App works, how it displays the messages, but it should be possible to clear the chat area when the Screen Initializes via the Screen Initialize Block.

can u explain through any example ?so i do the same in my app!!

I can't, I don't know how your App works - how does it display the Chat messages?

this is my blocks

this one i make right now as u say so it is correct or not for clear previous messages?

That would clear all chats stored under that tag, yes.

What does ListView1 do, display the chats?

How to clear a ListView:


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yes sir that only

i ask that only to u app was like in text box i do msg and click on submiit button then those msg i saw in list view this is working of my app
but i want when i opened app i donr t want previous meassages so what should i do ...

is i have to clear the cloud db or clear list view .....which one is right and if right how i do those please can u explain me?

For you to judge - if you clear the Db, the chat is gone forever. If you clear the ListView, the display of the chat is gone, but can be restored.

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ok sir !! how i used block to do both ?

this for clear the list view and if i use this under the screen intializes then list view is clear right?

Correct - but you don't have to ask, just experiment!

what i do is not working


You are calling 'GetValue', so if there is a value, it will be loaded. If it's your intention to just delete all chat from the Db Tag 'chat', remove the tag (when you store later, the tag gets re-created).


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What if you have more than one Tag and want to delete all data. Well, you could, if the Db was on your own Server, delete the Db file -not from an App, from a control panel that offers Server management via a Browser on your Computer.

From an App, you could delete all of the Tags.

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