Invoke no method named get value in class java.lang.boolean how solve this error

That is a link to your personal App Inventor - we cannot access it.

See my website for a list of possible causes of your issue:

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Please export your project and post it here.

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thanks for ur reply!

cloud_chat_app.aia (3.5 KB)

cloud_chat_app.aia (3.5 KB)

Hi priyanka, don't repeat your posts, that triggers the system into flagging a hack attack.

The .aia file you posted had no CloudDB component in it, but tried to use CloudDB blocks.
How did you do that?

....probably by inserting the Blocks via the Backpack

i got my solution thanks !!

Can you share your solution to help other forum members?

sir its an i am not using the cloud component over there i dont know how its miss from me ..the solution is this only i have to add component of cloud db in designer !!

OK :grin:

Thanks for getting back to us. There are two ways to get a disconnect between the Designer and the Blocks:

  1. Insert Blocks via the Backpack from elsewhere
  2. Use 'UnDo' in the Blocks work Area

i have 1 doubt if i want to make same app..then there is any short method ?

If you mean you want to make a similar App, just use Save Project As to make a new one from the existing one.

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but i do same but what happen previous app i used whatever msgs i text over there those i saw in similar app also .and i dont want this one ....if i want to give those app to another one so prevoius history pf msgs in similar app onlly what should i do for this?

I really really do not understand your question :upside_down_face:

i am making cloud chat app but from that original app i am making another one similar app as ur solution ,but problem was in original cloud chat app whatevere text i do same i can see in new one similar app ,so i dont want those previous msgs what i think if i used another one cloude db component replace of previous on cloud db in similar app? or any other option for this?

i got solution on this sir if we were used the different cloud db components in different apps the storage of msgs in both apps in differnet cloud db component there is not mixing of information was there!! and thanks for ur help :blush:

Ah, I see what you want to do and yes, you have answered your own question :sunglasses: