Internal errors - app constantly freezes

I open the app account in 2015 and just last week decided to work on some app development. The link was sill on my browser and the two apps I created were still there.

Now I keep getting internal error messages when I try to work with blocks:
I have two images,
Screen 1 image with a button - click on the button to see Screen 2 image.
I can create the images in Buttons, not with image icon.
I have not been able to find blocks which will:

  1. When button1 is clicked open Screen2 image (after screen2 is open i wish to go back to screen 1 or new screen.
    I have tried creating and getting the actions to work with the following platforms:
    Chromebook HP 360x
    Samsung phone android 6
    Lenovo s6000f tablet android 4.4

In 2015 I was using the Lenvo table and had no problems.

Thoughts, suggestions,


you might want to consider following the general tips


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