Internal Error Occured

the blocks is not working everytime i add blocks the internal error is popping up

Hello Runa

There was possibly a momentary glitch in your Broadband - try logging out of App Inventor, close your Browser, then relaunch the Browser and log in to App Inventor again.

If the issue occurs again, it's possible that your Project file has some form of corruption. You can test for that by creating a new Project - if the new Project does not trigger the Bug, upload the file that does so that we can examine it.

only 1 screen is having an internal error or bug i restart it also but it occurs again

Would you like us to examine the Project file for you?

Export Project


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i changed my screen1.bky and screen1.scm to screen3.bky and screen3.scm and Replace all the screen 1 to screen 3 in those bky and scm maybe thats how i got the bug because i want them to switch screens

i just want them to switch because i had a ton of blocks and i dont want them to manually move from one screen to another which will took me a long time

There you are..
If you are manipulating the files, you should know what you are doing, else you will mess up the project



That's the might want to upload your AIA file here so a Power User can do a surgery for your project.

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Attendance_Notifier_3 (1).aia (620.1 KB)
there you go

i hope you guys fix it because i still wanna add more blocks into the screen

8 error on Screen3

is it still fixable?

ofcourse, you need to fix it first


it seems you copy these blocks from other screen. but this screen has no such component.

Yes i copied it and i deleted the ui component

Delete the blocks/methods that carry the unavailable components.

Will that fix the bug?

If an answer to a question is yes or no, then this question is not necessary to ask here. Please try yourself.