Intégrer un formulaire de contact

Bonjour !

J'aimerais insérer un formulaire de contact sur mon application. Avec les champs : prénom, téléphone et le message. Une fois les champs remplis, la personne clique sur le bouton "Envoyer" et j'aimerais recevoir ces informations sur mon mail.

Merci pour votre aide !!!

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I see you have already got your Contact Form defined. Email on Android can be tricky, as you have discovered. There are a number of extensions you could try and in this case an extension is probably the best solution.

Note, your Button1.Click block is wrong. You cannot use "open another screen" for Screen1, it already exists - therefore, everytime the button is clicked, an additional Screen1 is created! Also, the current Screen is left hanging in memory.

If you use this:

The User will be returned to the Screen that opened the Current Screen automatically.

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Hi !

J'ai intégrer l'extension Smtp Client1 que vous m'avez conseillé. Néanmoins, je crois que ca ne fonctionne pas. Pouvez-vous me dire où se trouve le problème ?

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You have several items that are incorrect in your blocks setup for the smtpClient.

Gmail's smtp server is: smtp . gmail .com

You can use TLS on port 587 OR SSL on port 465

You need to enter your user (gmail address) and password.

Gmail / your Google account, will require you to allow insecure settings / third part apps in order to use gmail in this way (see HERE)

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