Install MIT AI2 on Amazon Fire HD 10

I have an Amazon Fire HD 10. I think there was a way to install MIT AI2 Companion onto it. However I can't find the instructions online anymore. Can someone help?

Welcome @yu_meng

I don't have much knowledge about Amazon Fire HD, as I did some Google I found that this device is having Fire OS which fork of Android and at the core both OS are same but at surface level they're using different services,

Does it have Google Play Store?

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Try Connecting to an Android phone or tablet with a USB cable
FAQ Section: Companion and Emulator

This advice Amazon Fire: How to Install APK Files - Technipages and also How to Install Android Apps and Google Play on Fire Tablet: Convert Kindle Fire to Android Tablet (No Rooting) - MashTips explains how to download apk files to a Kindle. Download an apk of the Companion to your PC,

then follow the instructions might allow you to add Companion to the Kindle.


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