Install emulator with user rights problem

Hey, so I use a computer which does not have admin rights, and I need to install the ai2 emulator on it. I know it says you can't do it, but do you guys have any way?

If you don't have admin rights, I believe your are out of luck.

Instead you might try Running aiStarter from an external drive for a possible way. So far, no one has confirmed this advice from Jeff works.

Try it and let us know.

Hi Xtendera

Is this an office PC, belonging to a company? If there is no Admin User, that will be because updates are handled by an IT dept/person. If that's not the case, tell us exactly what is the case.

No, I am at home and just have a computer which my dad locked. I need to install the emulator there. I did have vmware, so I thought I could make a vm with android, but the thing is that the appinventor companion app doesn't work on the size of the vm.

So, if Dad is the Admin, he can install the Emulator, right?

.... so long as the users of the PC regularly backup their work, someone who knows about VM should be able to have Admin User status without concern - so come on Dad, don't be afraid.

Okay! Thanks! He said yes!

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