Insert new post in blogspot

How do I post a new blogspot post using the API?
Thank you

For lots of examples of AI2 Web API access, see FAQ Section: Web Services Examples

The Blogspot api is discussed here

A way to use an api that uses json is discussed here in Sajal/'s tutorial Web Component – JSON Response On App Inventor.

Here is a link to using the Wilipedia api Wikipedia Search using Wikipedia API and Web Component Both of these show ways to use an api once you know the commands for that api.

What have you tried?


I had already seen these guides and examples, but they are only for reading the data from the Blog. I would like to use the API to create a new post. The image I posted shows the API test from the Google site to create a new post.

Sorry, you did not study them sufficiently to find this .

Be aware You must be authenticated to create a post.

What is shown in the api is how to add a post using Java; you have to figure out how to do the same thing with App Inventor.

The sneaky way to create a blog post is, in Blogger's Settings create a "secret email address" that posts a blog. Then send an email from MIT App Inventor to that address... you may need an extension, dunno...

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My guess is it would look something like this:

that sounds like a good workaround, because getting an OAuth access token correctly without using ugly hacks is not possible currently and an OAuth extension is still missing...

Different eMail solutions for App Inventor


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