Insert contacts into android contacts

I am working with a set of code to insert contacts into phone contacts but can't set group name. pls help me.

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it seems to be, there is no group_name constant... see also here for available constants
How to add a contact to the contact list


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by icon24 Taifun.

I want to create an app which show list of contacts from android contact (phonebook) with query base on "phone_type". please help me with blocks.

an extension might be able to help you with this

taken from the extensions directory


First many thanks.

"Contacts Extension by kevinkun" extension component not shown in MIT App Inventor. Please help.

not sure what you mean?


and following the link:

Many thanks for your cordial assistance.

Sir many many thanks, now it works very fine. I'm grateful to you that you give me more time.

If you don't mind I will take some help to enter number in phone book with mention group (as family, friends, student etc.).
Thanks again.

Do you mean to add a new contact to a specific group?

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Yes sir, I mean the same. And I also want to add, edit and remove contacts without opening android phonebook. I mean, I want to make a separate phonebook which will serve me to manage a specific group of contacts. I made a same aia but it doesn't work with android phonebook. That aia data stored in tiny db and data showed in list view. I can also call and send messages from list view contacts.


Please help.

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Thank you very much.

How can I add new contacts into android phonebook (main phonebook of a mobile set) to a specific group? I got some blocks but that not consider group name. Please help.

How can I do it? No other space to write without "Reply" space. Please reply.

I do not have any other answer for you currently... sorry...
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