Increase the value by one for each tap

i want to increase the value by one for each time i am taping the button and display it.

In its simplest form:





how can i send the input(no.of taps) to my thingspeak?

What is that?


Oh...sorry my bad. I didn't knew about it.
Does it have an API (for uploading data)?

ya. there is

Then you may use the Web Component to communicate with the API.


Web component

ThingSpeak API
Update channel data with HTTP GET or POST - MATLAB
REST API - MATLAB & Simulink

WEB Component with API Tutorial (Click to open)

i got this but i dont know what to fill in encoding(url)
if i am filling "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" its saying not supported.

I think you should start a new topic as this thing is quite unrelated to "Increase the value by one for each tap"

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