Incoming Call Block from Specific Number (Help)


I wanna create an app that blocks incoming call from specific number. For example - the incoming number to be blocked is +1234567890. So, I wanna connect it to a toggle button and then also save the disabled enabled data in tinydb. If toggled left incoming call block from that specfic number is disabled and also saved in tinydb, if toggled right incoming call block from that specfic number is enabled and also the same saved in tinydb. Can this be done in mit app inventor? If yes, can you please show what blocks should I use?


There is a topic here which is close to my topic - Stop phone call But the author says "I didn't succed to read the phone number of an incoming call." Is this possible in mit app inventor?


This is not possible because to detect an incoming call requires app to be run in background.

Unfortunately, ai2 apps don't run in background.

May be background tasks extension helps , I'm not sure.