Image not loading when connecting to AI Companion

Hello my student are loading picture onto Canvas but when they try to connect with AI Companion it does not show up.

Welcome Amelia.

  • Is the student/students using an ipad or an Android device?
    MIT App Inventor not showing images placed on the canvas when displayed on iPad
  • loading picture onto Canvas How and from where? Is the image placed in Assets/Media or stored somewhere else. 'loading the image to the Canvas.Background or to an ImageSprite. please post an image of the Blocks used.
  • is this just one student or ALL your students?


The students are using iPads. Students are downloading pictures and saving them onto there computer and then uploading them onto the website.

here is an example of a picture we are trying to upload and this is happing to all my students.

Do you have an example project file we can test?

This typically is usually a symptom of an overly aggressive firewall configuration on the part of the school. This Google Doc has instructions for IT administrators on how to set up the network so that App Inventor can properly communicate with the companion device.