Image not center oversize

Hello :slight_smile: I am new user of this powerful app.

I try to create my first app.

I have a problem that i can solve. I read some help and forums without success.

i try to use plugin tailfun tools for display image (using webviewer/tailfun tools)

Works BUT image is oversize when opening.

I my projet , i will use pictures with differents size.

How i can do for when screen is call , image is center and good size in the app and after use finger to move/zoom.

really thank you for help.

Try to set Screen1 to “Responsive” (instead of Fixed)

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You are going to need some html to control the size of the initial image:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html style="background-color: black;">
<meta name=“viewport” content=“width=device-width, initial-scale=0.86 minimum-scale=0.25”>
<img style="width: 100%; height: 96vh;object-fit: contain; object-position: ;" src="myImage.png"/>

If you have a file: myImage.png in your assets

Create an html file with the above, call it myImage.html and upload it to your assets
Set/call webviewer url to “pathToAssets”/myImage.htm

The image will fit the screen and you can zoom


infortunetaly i had try before post. Not Work :frowning:

Sorry, I left the companion path to the image in my html. Have removed it now. (See above)

The html file and the image file must both be in the Media/assets.

Blocks like this:

blocks (2)

Here is a working example

showImage.aia (536.3 KB)

Yes !!! i was ok, with your help and confirm with your example.

Really Thank you for your help.

In my app, i will have maybe 20 pictures.
So i must create 20 html differents files ???

You know the limit (megabytes) for assets i can use?

Thank you :slight_smile:

No, don’t make 20 html files!

You will need to learn how to use the webviewstring to pass the file name to the html, and also learn how to use lists and listpickers/listviews to select the images




Really thank you. I will read your weblink

Здравствуйте, у меня 80 фотографии которые я загружаю по URl на webviewer (webviewer тоже 80), фотографии загружаются не по центру и размеру, можете привести конкретный пример для использование myimage.htm для 80 фотографии и 80 webviewer, я не очень понимаю язык Html, спасибо!

  1. You only need 1 webviewer with the same html
  2. You would need to make a list of all your image urls
  3. You need to iterate over your image list, setting the webviewstring with the url, one at a time (do this by clicking a button)
  4. You replace the src in the html with webviewstring
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html style="background-color: black;">
<meta name=“viewport” content=“width=device-width, initial-scale=0.86 minimum-scale=0.25”>
<img id = "myimg" style="width: 100%; height: 96vh;object-fit: contain; object-position: ;" src=""/>
var img = window.AppInventor.getWebViewString();
document.getElementById("myimg").src = img;
  1. я использую динамические компоненты
  2. у меня есть список URL адресов
  3. как это делать
  4. этого я не не знаю как делать

помогите с блоками?

4 ую кажется решил:

<!DOCTYPE html>

на счет 3 го:


blocks (18)

в App Inventor это работает?

I provide you here with a demo aia project.
This shows the images from urls displayed in an image component and a webviewer (achieving the same effect)

Click on the image (top one) to rotate through the images

demoImageurls.aia (3.7 KB)

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Урааа, спасибо TIMAI2

Be aware I used the companion/development path in the demo project, this will need changing to the production path when compiling to an apk.

Also, the html file is set to be not scalable by the user (so the user cannot zoom). You will need to change the meta line at the top of the html.

Спасибо здорово помогли, дай Бог вам здоровья!

я изменил.

то что надо, я хотел еще спросит об отмене масштабирование Вы уже ответили, Спасибо!