ImagBot Image creation error 4300 (please help)

Greetings! I this image bot creation link - [ImageBot App (] (ImageBot App),

To create an app that ofcourse generates images. I have followed all the steps and coded it as shown in the tutorial but, I am facing an error while testing it on my phone (running android 13) as it shows up with this error after clicking create:

Error 4300: Error from
the ImageBot code 404

(I have typed the error the same how it comes on my phone)

I am getting this error on various tries,
Please give me a solution for this error and how to fix this.

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This may be a bug that is possibly being fixed. Try using the test server. Testing the next release of MIT App Inventor (nb195)

Apps, including the companion:

  • Fix alist to dict bug with FString keys
  • Fix an issue handling errors in the ChatBot and ImageBot components

What happens if you run the app in the test server.

If I run the app in the test server then, I get this error:

What do I do :C, please help @SteveJG

Sorry, I don't know.

The 404 error is an error that some users receive if they are located in a country that bans ChatGPT
Chatbot error 404 (ChatGPT is unavailable in some countries ) - #4 by SteveJG . Where are you located? This may be the issue or you are over the free quota perhaps.

You might share your code.

Im located in India and there seems to be no bans against it.

The code I'm using is part of the tutorial:


Also, to add, i am currently not over the quota


When you used the test server, did you use the test server Companion?

Yeah I did

Your screenshot shows that your credit has expired. If you haven't already, you would need to set up billing in OpenAI's portal to be able to continue to use ImageBot with your OpenAI API key.

Yes! It works! I used a new account so I can have more credits! Thank you @SteveJG and @ewpatton !

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