Testing the next release of MIT App Inventor (nb195)

Hello everyone,

ai2-test has been updated with new bugfixes and features. This update includes the following changes beyond nb194b:


  • Fix an issue where the project list view would not scroll
  • Only send Strict Transport Security header using HTTPS


  • Refactor the build server to use the factory pattern to support multiple build targets (Step 2 of 3 for the iOS build server)

Apps, including the companion:

  • Fix alist to dict bug with FString keys
  • Fix an issue handling errors in the ChatBot and ImageBot components

Please report any issues in this thread and this post will be updated to reflect new issues as needed.

Evan W. Patton, Ph.D.
Lead Software Engineer, MIT App Inventor


It does not matter to me, its a small bug, but based on the system's writings, this should have been done:

system does not replace _ with space and it gives a massage

Dear @Arman,
I suppose it's not a bug, since the same behaviour is already present on code.appinventor server.
Probably the mis-understanding arises for those (like me-italian and you-iranian) who aren't of English native language. I beieve that we should interpret the instruction sentence as:
<Project names cannot contain spaces. "space_test" SHALL be used, INSTEAD, to continue>
Dear Evan (@ewpatton), please amend me, if I'm wrong.

Thanks for telling, this is my first time reporting a problem, bug or anything like this

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Dear @Arman,
I believe that any comment is most welcome by the MIT staff (I'm only a power user).
So let's wait for their answer.
All the best !

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This is actually a regression in the current release. In previous versions of App Inventor, the new project dialog would accept the string and substitute the name accordingly. Thank you for the report @Arman. I have passed it along to one of our team members.

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