Im trying to get images from cloud db and show with list viewer

Hey , im trying to save images in cloud db by saving the path as a text like this

, but when i call it i get the path text instead
Just like this ,

Do i need to correct the path ?
Or i need an img viewer ? (Its in a list viewer btw)
Thank you

Saving images directly to cloudDB is currently broken.
(If everything was working you would need to use a full path the the image file, and save it as a separate tag)

Convert your images to base64 strings and save them instead.

You could use

If i convert to path text to base 64 then save on cloud db , then retreive it , i can get the image , i was trying that for no solution

My problem is, list viewer when i retreive the text from cloud db , i need to show it in listviewer

Here is a rough idea of the workflow

  • Image as base64String is saved to cloudDB
  • base64String called back from cloudDB and converted to a file
  • Data and file added as element to a list
  • List set as the elements of a listview
    (ensure you select Image, MainText, DetailText (Vertical) for ListviewLayout in the Listview Designer)