TinyWebDB Stores Image Path Instead of Actual Image


I am new to using the cloud in app inventor apps and I am trying to upload an image to a cloud server. I would assume that just calling TinyWebDB.storeValue with the image from the camera as its parameter would do this, but it just uploads the image path. As a result, the app works as intended when used on a single device but the images will not load on another device.

More Details About the App

The app is supposed to be an image-sharing platform. You should be able to upload an image to the platform with a title and detail text and it should show up in a list of all the images posted. Currently the app works fine for a single device demo but does not work on multiple devices because only the images you have posted will load. I suspect this is because the image is being encoded as a file path instead of storing the actual image on the server.

Is it possible to use some sort of workaround to make this work? I am thinking about potentially encoding the images in base64, is there an easy way to do that? Thanks!

Save Image as base64String to cloudDB and call back from cloudDB base64String and convert it to a file

Unfortunately, that doesn't work for me because I have to put it into a listview. There is probably a way I can use some sort of workaround, potentially have a standby image that I can use the picture property of. I'll play with it. Thanks!