I'm trying to compile my app, but I get a compiler error. What should I do??????

I'm trying to compile my app, but I get a compiler error. What should I do??????

@_tv1 can you please share your compilation error?

Courier_inquiry.aia (257.3 KB) Here you go

Here you go. I'm Korean. I'm speaking through a translator. Please understand.

Hello _tv1

Well, we have an issue with your Project File. Are you working with the IDE set to English and naming your components in Korean? - we cannot follow/understand your code. Usually, I believe, (could be wrong!), Korean Users use the IDE in Korean and when uploading the Project to the forum, they can swap the IDE to English and mostly everything is then in English.... :thinking:

It might be that the Compiler cannot handle the Korean component names, I'm really not sure and will ask MIT on your behalf.

I can confirm that your App 'works' via the Companion but fails to build an APK, and the error message is missing the error explanation.

Probably not related to the compile problem, this block does not look right:

You are requesting a single Web Component to go to the same URL seven times in succession - perhaps you are having problems with time lag - if so, call the URL from a Clock Timer Block.


Hi Susan

This is a small project (#Post3), has no media files or extensions, runs in the Companion but fails to compile to an APK and the compile error message tells us nothing (the message is missing the error explanation).

Any ideas? The issue is probably staring me in the face but I do not see it. :upside_down_face:

OK, not shown within your Project file via the IDE but the Project has some assets, assets within the assets and assets within assets including two extensions. So that is why compilation fails.

Try this cleaned-up version. It compiles to an APK, installs and runs here on Android v10.

Courier_inquiry2.aia (7.9 KB)

You have a project in a project:

Try this one:
Courier_inquiry_restored.aia (7.3 KB)

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I have already supplied a restored .aia Anke, re #Post7

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Ok but I wanted to name the exact cause: "Project in a project" and my aia seems to be a bit smaller.

.... but it is more than 'Project in a Project', there are several.

No, only one.

There is always a slight difference between files unless they are compressed by exactly the same compressor on exactly the same OS.

Well there you go - an empty Assets folder.