I'm making a messaging app in mit app inventor, but I want to see the new incoming messages on the top and the old ones on the bottom, how can I do that?

please help me

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Insert into index 1 of your Listview Elements.

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reverse the list

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can you tell me with a picture

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can you tell me with a picture?

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No, you misunderstood, when I say make a firebase value list, the messages appear mixed in the list.

You never said anything about using firebase.


As you can see, the messages are mixed.

Can you explain how to use it with a photo?

how did you get the message? show the raw data here.

by raw data you mean my codes

I mean data from firebase. how do you get them? they are with separate tags? or in a list with one tag?

in a single-label list


I'm Turkish I don't understand what they say