I'm getting runtime error no static method isAtLeastR()Z in moto e40 Android 11

I have developed app for my community. Which is working superb in all the devices. But 1 user is getting error after installing it. As soon he opens the app then runtime error is displayed. Device is : Moto e40 & Android version :11

Can anyone help me what's does it means? I have no clue.

Hello Aditya, Welcome to the Forum.

  1. How are you distributing the App?
  2. How many people have installed it?
  3. Does the App share data, chat or anything where several Users would be running it and communicating at the same time?
  4. Is there only one User with a Moto e40? Do you know the Android Version that the other Users have?
  5. What is the purpose of the App?
  6. Finally, is your App using any extensions? If so, please list them, together with their download links.

Hi Chris,

Really thankful that you replied. I'm new here.

1- Distributing via google drive link. But today i got app listed on amazon app store. so future distribution will be from there only.
2- near about 100 people have installed it as far i know. i searched a lot but couldnt figure our how to add analytics to my application.
3- No app is somewhat static.like it has static pages with information like guidelines about our campaign. and it redirects users to external browser on a specified location that is our blog post. No communincation/chatting/data sharing.
4- yes. He's the only one having MOTO E40. I'm trying to reach others if someone is having same device since last night. but no one have it. All other users are having different devices with different android version. and as i have tested application is working in all devices and android versions
5- App is for introduction our our company, sharing campaign form .

6- yes. i'm using extensions as follow
admob extension
sidebar extension

i'm attaching all extension files that i'm using

shall i share apk file too?


EDIT: extensions removed

apart from these 1 more is there. that is admob banner

I dont have any kind of login or registeration process in this. and the issue is currently faced by only 1 user.

Please do NOT upload any extensions that you have not created yourself here. Basically just post a link to them.

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Remove the two admob extensions from the App and build an APK for just the one customer to test.

Really sorry ill remove that asap. sorry for this. werent aware about this.

1st is admobSDK & 2nd is admobExtraSDK
which one should i remove?

I already did it.

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Remove all of the admob extensions, just for the one E40 customer to test.

hello thanks, it works for me

how can I use the admob extension together with the authentication feature?

Hello Haris

Welcome to the forum. Please open your own Topic and give a precise description of the issue you are having with your App.