I want to share an image from the assets (with a text message)

I want to share an image file that doesn’t exsist on users phone but exist on app with a text

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What's that means

I uploaded the image file “Jo.png” on app inventor web site. I want users to share it

you mean Assets?
then try file name '//file.png'
or use File to get full path,
or copy to Asd then share.

I did not test it, you can try and post your solution.

You cannot share a file from the assets. You must first copy it to one of the Shared folders (like /Download or /Documents) or the ASD and share it from there.

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I’m sorry I don’t understand because I’m not professional

For example:

I changed the topic.

Text doesn’t be shared while the image can be sent

Of course. It is shared.

Anything wrong?

Where is this part?

sometime the app do not accept the text message and the file together.
I tested on my phone, try to share text and image together to WeChat, but only image received.
but share text and image separately, they are working.

Try TaifunSharing extension.

Probably depending on the Android version?
Alternatively try the sharing extension


Android version?
I think on Android < 11 an absolute path is needed (and not a full path).

Try this (using an absolute path):

And tell us your Android version.

Try this one:
sharring_imagePlusText.aia (667.8 KB)

Tested on Android 9, 11, 12 with Companion. No issuses.

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Working on Android 13 too. Tested with Google Keep, Telegram and Gmail.

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