I want to select more than one checkbox and display them in the textbox

Hello Everyone,
I need help asap please I want to select more than one checkbox and display them in the textbox
and after disable the checkbox, it will be hidden from the text box and vice versa

This is how you can achieve this,

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how to can get : when any checkbox.changed ??

Go to blocks section, click at any components to expand and choose any CheckBox

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Well you want me to create a separate checkbox, I created that but the next option is not available in appinventor2

This one?


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I mean (of component)

you chose the wrong block actually

follow this picture again

(Image source: @dora_paz and this community + topic reply post)

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You created an extra checkbox which is not required, delete it. Have you found the Any component checkbox category yet?

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Do you mean what will goes here,

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@RamNaresh you saw he was not even using any checkbox event, have you seen that?

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still this a component unavailable

You just renamed a checkbox component to any checkbox. Scroll down


sigh, Alright. I think you are new here, so let me explain it to you...

In the bottom of screen1 you see Any component? click plus (+). Then click any checkbox, then you should find it... :slight_smile:

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thanks now view this feature

thanks all thanksssssssssssssssssss
many thanks


You are welcome :slight_smile:

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you're welcome!

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