I want to publish my application in playstore with SDK 30

This is the message from google playstore. Now I want to update my application with sdk 30. What should I do?

Wait. MIT is working on a version (nb187) that can handle sdk 30. Unfortunately its release has been delayed. How long to wait? Maybe days, perhaps a month or two. You will not be able to update your app until MIT releases nb187. Sorry.


I am using offline version, which is targeted SDK 30.

Do you use a file component in your app? Or maybe you save something in the external memory of the phone?

Ask for help from the third party developer. MIT does not provide an offline version of App Inventor. He/she might have an issues forum, that would be the best place to solve your problem.

yes..I am using that kind of thing.. And now I want a solution for sdk 30. What should I do?

Oh. I never knew that...

Probably the creator of the off line version you are using only changed the target to sdk30. However, it did not provide changes to the file component. Of course, you cannot save files in your app to any external memory folder.

Most likely this is not a good idea, for the reasons @Patryk_F mentioned.

There are 2 options (without Android Studio):

  • Wait for nb187 to be released.
  • Import your project into Niotron (however there may be some unsupported / different components).

If I edit manifest.xml
and use this permissions
for external sd
and remove requestLegacyExternalStorage code from manifest will it fix my problem for sdk 30?

You cannot edit the Manifest, because there is no working tool to decompile an AAB.

Note: For new apps, you have to upload an AAB to the Play Store, as only AABs have been allowed since August 1, 2021.

apk update is still possible I uploaded yesterday.
Please tell me if I edit manifest will it fix the problem?

And also some issues / bugs with the File component need to be fixed first.

I did a lot of tests with the File component on Niotron. It seems to work properly, unlike with AI2 (on the test server).

I have ads component.. Niotron will not allow my application there... Tell me other solution plz

Is it an update or a new app released on the Play Store after Aug 1st, 2021?

Update, not new release

Google said they have detected requestLegacyExternalStorage code in manifest....
So, now I can easily remove that code from manifest. But I just want to be very sure about that. Coz google never give a 2nd chance. So, please help.

Why are you telling us this now?

Then you can update your app with the current AI2 version without any problems (until the end of Oct 2021). There is also no reason to remove requestLegacyExternalStorage from the Manifest, as this is only ignored with targetSdkVersion = 30. (The current AI2 version targets Androit 10 (SDK 29).

See also here:

Thanks for the information

how long wait for sdk 30? please update