I want to make an app like tiktok

i want to make an app like tik tok but i dont known how to do it kindly help me for your information(iam not a beginner i created more that 23plus apps)this is my new try) if you have any idea or aia file about this kindly reply.....

thank you

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A quick Google search yielded this link: How To Make an App Like TikTok without Kodular in App Inventor!

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Why is that?

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Hi this is @CODINGINSIDE I have two account Because of Backup Thank you

Ok thank you

HI @Peter Can you Please help me Bescause it's an emergency

thank you

OK. If you only use App Inventor Blocks, your options are probably limited. In the app's simplest form you might need to

  • make a short video Perhaps use Camcorder tool Camcorder
  • post video to a data base. Perhaps CloudDB CloudDBor FirebaseDB FirebaseDBif they can store the video format or a database on your own video server.
  • retrieve and play a video from the database using the Player component. Player

How well might it work. I guess :cry:

You can experiment with making a video and trying to post it to a database and attempt to retrieve it.

Good luck. As far as I am aware, there is no tutorial to do all the required things in one place.


Backup on the community? That is only confusing. You can see that since you are posting with your other account. You only need one on the community so please decide which one to use.

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Hi, there this is for my personal use ie: asking questions and experimental work
my other account is for doing works with my friends because all my friends having the other one

thank you @SteveJG can you post with pictures besause its my friends project

thank you

What did you try? I already said

What part are you having difficulty with? Post your Blocks to get specific advice.

The concept works using the CloudDB , use a Block from Taifun's File extension to store to a Tag called 'videos'. TTemulation2
in the AfterRecording Block of the Camcorder object.

Don't expect a miracle; video's longer than 2 or 3 seconds work fine; longer video's have issues. Extraneous files get stored on the Android that posts the video; that is a problem for which I have no idea as a way to clean it up. :cry: :cry:

Good luck. Show us what you can code. :slight_smile:

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