I want to make a match chart maker application, please help

I want to create match chart, but I don't know how to make it this good:

download (8)

I want to create, the user inputs a name into a list, then the app randomizes the name and attaches it to a random label too, *not using flags

Isn't this already asked in this topic?

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yes but in one topic there is only one solution, so I created a new topic and asked this

I have tried to make the application, and an error appears like this


BukaAja (1).aia (61.8 KB)

Here, you have set Labels instead of components:


or it could be here:



looks like the problem is here, wait I will repair it

Thank you @TIMAI2

I test and it's have a new problem

Code here

The issue is fairly obvious:


you have an empty list.

Looking at your original blocks, it is possible that some of your variables need to be set to create emtpy list instead of an empty text block, otherwise a condition test will not find a list, even an empty one.

Otherwise, track back as to why your lists are empty

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you can see here I add item into the list
This the aia file if you need
BukaAja.aia (92.7 KB)

I don't have time at the moment to open your .aia, but I do not see in your posted blocks the 'pick a random item from list' block, which triggered the error.

Show us where you use that block, and how you feed it.

Here are two cases where you failed to check for empty lists.
You have 6 screens, and lots of reading to do.

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Thanks ABG I have found the right block For Semi-Final, Quarter-Final, And Top 16, Thank you very much :blush:

But In Top 32 This error apperears
Code is here:

Nama2 is a text variable, not a list.


Seems that in some parts, you have set Nama2 to strings, and some parts, you added list items. Please make a uniform format, either strings or lists.

Owh sorry it must be Nama

naming conventions can help in this case, for example
listNama: a variable containing a list of names
nama: a variable containing a name (string)



Thank you taifun, and thank you very much every one, I appreciate all of your help

I have the same question as you

the same question as who?