Error In companion


I connect my phone to MIT and an error appears saying no method named column and can't found clock2 component

BukaAja.aia (45.3 KB)

Checked, I didn't get this error (on a Android 12 test device).

Same here, no error from companion

The name Column is present in your screen2.scm file just like row.

It is not something i have seen before.

Edit: Oh wait you are using a Table arrangement. That is causing problems sometimes. Better not use it.

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I want to create match chart, but I don't know how to make it this good:

download (8)

if you have any other way please let me know

This looks like a job for the canvas, especially if you want to drag and drop the flags.

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I want to create, the user inputs a name into a list, then the app randomizes the name and attaches it to a random label too, not using flags

Regardless, you do not have to use a table arrangement. You can replicate the layout using a combination of vertical and horizontal arrangements.

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