I want to create an app with record and replay function

The app should record whatever buttons are pressed the first time and replay i.e click the buttons the same way in the same sequence and the same timimgs.i have the app ready but want help with the record and replay procedure .this is very important for me .i have very minimal experience in the coding blocks in mit app inventor.i have a due date please help me guys

Search piano at gallery , you will find some examples.

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Every result is related to recording and replaying sound. But i want to record and replay the sequen🌏of button presses

When button pressed, what will happen?

A command goes to a robot making the robot do things

So the app is like the piano app, just change ' play some note ' to ' send some command '.

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Use this to intercept Button clicks or Any other event using this extension.

Here is an example of playing a timed recording ...

Sorry please first learn how to get a clear image of blocks.

sorry ,my record steps are at left

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some thing like this:
(but not tested )

Here is an example of saving a timed recording.

The recording will disappear when you leave the app, because it has a list of button components.

timed_recording.aia (6.3 KB)

so it records and replays in the correct time duration the btn is pressed.example if button one is pressed for 5 sec will the recording replay the btn press for 5 seconds

This example uses Click events only.

What you want is TouchDown and TouchUp events, which would require an extra attribute in the timing event dictionaries. Study the MIDI data stream for one example of such a recording technique.

P.S. AI2 does not natively support multi-touch (multiple fingers on the screen simultaneously.)