Extension For Any Event

This extension allows you to intercept all the event calls in the screen.
See here.


You have to call this block to initialize the extension.


Once you have initialized it, you can create a procedure block like the above where you will receive the updates when an event is raised.

For this to work, necessarily you dont have to drag any event.


Download:xyz.kumaraswamy.ai2tools.aix (10.2 KB)


Hi Kumaraswamy

We could do with a description that actually tells what the extension is for and why we would need it. I'm not getting an understanding from the video. Also there is a typo in the Ai2Tools block.

This can be helpful while debugging the app, what the extension does is it intercepts all the event calls in the screen, (for example when any button is clicked, you would be notified).

Incase you need to keep track of all the events, it will be useful.

Incase any component has the Initialize method, AppInventor would try to call that automatically and to prevent that I've done this.

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Great work @Kumaraswamy
Waiting for its offliciall release

That's just the miss spelling on the Block?

No it isnt, if I change that to "Initialize" it will break things.

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only make a procedure named event, and no need to call it? then it will monitor all events?

Yes, create a procedure block shown in the topic and call "InitializeI" block and you'll receive updates to the procedure.

you may name the initialize block as 'Init', rather than a miss spelling word.

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These are the components i used.



Hmm I havent tested it in companion yet, can you try with compiled app?

Compiled it works. Looking at the responses from the button it says click when it should be touchup when i let go of the button.

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Little test

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TouchUp is raised before the Click event, so it'll be changed immediately.

Fix 1.1

  • Extension now works on companion

xyz.kumaraswamy.ai2tools.aix (10.3 KB)

I had removed some code unknowingly :sweat_smile:


Maybe make the block name InitializeExtension or InitializeAi2Tools

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The Completed event is triggered about 80ms later than with the Player component.

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Hmm that is because the extension needs to find the procedure and do some internal changes. I will do some changes if possible.


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Good Work @Kumaraswamy !
Will love to see the source code to know how it works internally if you make it open-source :grin: :heart:

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