I want to build a simple app for controlling my esp8266 controlled drone, i tried searching but couldnt find any resource pls help

Is it soldered to any card?

it is soldered to custom build pcb

pls help me i am really stuck on this past 2 3 weeks i just want to make a simple app to control drone over wifi

you need a UART to USB converter, to connect it to the PC and use the Arduino IDE.

i know that but i want to build an app to control the drone how do i do that?

Are the mobile/tablet with the app and the drone with the ESP8266 connected to the same WiFi Router?

Connect two LEDs to the ESP8266 and try to turn them on/off, similar to this code.

Change #include <WiFi.h
by ```
#include <ESP8266WiFi.h>

i want to makeeeee an app


  1. What do You want to control?
  2. Would You use buttons, slider; WHAT ??
  3. Draw a basic "screen", and put there what control would You goint to use.
  4. At mit inventor, build as well as You draw in step 3.
  5. You also, have to make a "table of commands", ie, message "$a0" for ON (NO DATA) OR "$B3,123,122" for other command with values: 123,122, etc, WHATEVER You want, YOU ARE the designer.. You can do EVERYTHIN You want, otherwise.....

Hello Little_seer

Nobody here is stopping you. If you hit a specific issue, we are here to help - but we are not going to create an entire App for you. If you search this forum you will find examples.

Sit down with a sheet of paper and work out what functions are required and how best to layout the GUI.

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could you just guide me how to make one pls

The problem is that MIT refuse to integrate WIFI with MIT inventor. You can program up the ESP directly connecting the Arduino to the ESP board, BUT once the code is loaded you need to login using wifi and send commands to get it respond.
I can do this via a laptop, but not via an android running an app from MIT inventor, as there is no communications protocol to send command data to the wifi interface on the android operating system.
I have raised this with them and they have pointed to an extension, but it does not do the job.

How is that Stephen? Have you not seen the several examples by Juan Antonio using App Inventor's web component?

@Liitle_seer you might like to read Drones using MIT App Inventor - #5 by SteveJG

especially look at the last link in that post.

I have checked and to date the only one that offers an extension to put into an application access to the wifi settings is Pura Vida Apps.
Pura Vida documentation needs reading as it varies on different versions of the android system, including security restrictions on the way he does it.
Juan Antonio limits himself to an already established wifi connection, set up previously by the user manually before running the app.
Then he uses the browser connection to send and receive information from the Arduino based esp32 server.
It is a good system, but limited by the number of buttons you can fit on the screen.

The last link refers to bluetooth, not wifi which does not offer the ease of use required to control a device at distance.
The conversation is also closed.

Nothing wrong with Juan's examples using MIT's built in functions. The Android security restrictions are Google's - all Android development languages have to abide by them.

Is WiFi really suitable for a drone? You can get other radio systems that are more reliable and with far greater range.

You would use nrf24l01 modules together with the ESP8266

... but is a range maximum of 100 metres enough for a drone?

with a good antena or other more power full models, can reach more meters... otherwise, a low motion drone can works for You

I need help . Can you help me sir