Drones using MIT App Inventor

Hello everyone,
I have a drone that I want to control with MIT App Inventor. I just wanted to know that is there any extension available on the web to successfully perform this task because I could not fine one

Does it always have to be an extension ?

Anyway, a forum search would return what we know about drones....


No it can be anything that can be used to code drones in MIT app inventor

Maybe you need radio frequency modules.

App Inventor must use Bluetooth or WIFI to control a robot (that is a drone).
Does your drone have a Bluetooth or WIFI interface? Probably not.

Bluetooth microwave signals have a limited range; perhaps a matter of a few dozen feet using the capabilities of your Android device. Controlling a drone directly is impractical unless you are going to fly it in your living room. The exact communication range depends on the conditions and bluetooth. My phone has a range up to 100 feet outside with no obstructions, inside 30 feet might be possible depending on the number of walls and their construction, 15 feet is realistic in my house.

Drones are typically controlled by radio signals using a small radio transmitter in the control that comes with the drone and a radio receiver in the drone. You are going to probably have to use an Ardunio or something similar with your Android and Juan Antonio's advice regarding radio signals.

You can 'simulate' a drone on your Android's screen. Search the community for ' robot ' control perhaps.

Take a look at the App Inventor application controlling the robot using Bluetooth here: App Inventor Application for Controlling Arduino Robot with Bluetooth

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