I want the font settings of a device not to affect my application

I want the font settings of a device not to affect my application

You might provide an example showing the display issue.

If you set your Device font using the Android Settings and select a Theme using DeviceDefault, I suspect there is nothing you can do other than accept your device font.

If you use a Classic Theme, the Settings font might not display in your app . Try using a Classic Theme. If you use Classic, do you still have an issue?

If you continue to have a problem, please provide an example; someone might have another idea instead of my guess if you provide additional description of the problem and a screen capture.

siempre uso classic

i always use classic

Thanks for letting us know that does not work. Using Classic is my best guess to avoiding use of the Android Settings set font.

You could try using Ken's font extension. Otherwise you will have to create an extension that will override the Android 'default'. I don't know if that can be done even using Android Studio.

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oh wait Captura

what is that?

can i help me that option?

Setting sizing probably will not help with regard to the actual font displayed. Sizing determines whether auto scaling will be used.


If set to responsive (the default), screen layouts will use the actual resolution of the device. See the documentation on responsive design in App Inventor for more information. If set to fixed, screen layouts will be created for a single fixed-size screen and autoscaled.

Note: This property appears on Screen1 only and controls the sizing for all screens in the app.


Selects the theme for the application. Theme can only be set at compile time and the Companion will approximate changes during live development. Possible options are:

  • Classic , which is the same as older versions of App Inventor;
  • Device Default , which gives the same theme as the version of Android running on the device and uses PrimaryColor for the Action Bar and has light buttons;
  • Black Title Text , which is the Device Default theme but with black title text; and
  • Dark , which is a dark version of the Device Default theme using PrimaryColorDark and having dark grey components.

With my extension you'll need to set the font for each Component but I think you'll be able to achieve what you want.

thx i will try

uh i wanted set scale

but it great, i always want this i wanted other thing

Scale should be automatic, though it will vary slightly from device to device.

Thanks, this does address the ListView black on black problem, but reverts date pickers to the older version. As the application I have is designed to make a website easier to use on a phone, and the old date-picker was not as easy to use, I'm between a rock and a hard place until this is fixed.