I need to display the data in one listview1 to listview2 when selected the data and need to be there even after logged out

In the screen that contain feedback data from customer in listview1 and i need to review each data and when we select a data for reviewing it needed to be added to the listview2 and need to be there permanantly even after logged out of the scree


That's the wrong place to try to store it.
Wouldn't Firebase be a better place for long term storage?

All you need is to design a subtag system, to separate the items being reviewed from their review history.

idk how to design the subtag system

Do the list/tinydb shuffle....

AfterPicking, save the selection to a list
Save the list to a tinydb tag
Call the tinydb tag to the list (also do this, and the next, when the app restarts, for permanency)
Set the listview elements to the list

can you please provide me a sample code

How many people are doing this reviewing, on how many different phones?

as of now we are doing in a single phone

If you go to more phones, you would need to re-code for Firebase instead of TinyDB.


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can you please provide me a sample code for it using tinyDB

An example:


tinydbListShuffle.aia (2.4 KB)

thank you ver musch