I need suggestion for my chat bot

Hello There!
I have started making a ChatBot named 'Trapzie'. So, do you have any idea what can I add to it?

Can you show us the app

This is the script that controls the bot :point_up_2:
Do you think the bot needs anything extra?

It can reply to specific commands, tell you when he doesn't understand the command and sometimes give a random reply to a message he wasn't referred in.

I'm Sorry, I mean User interface (UI)

That will take some time as I have not yet decided what all commands will the robot understand or speak up. Perhaps you could tell what does it need?

Okay, so the project you were trying to make still didn't work, Btw, do you make projects based on tutorials?

I just need a suggestion, as to what all features does the app need.

Well, no. I have never used a tutorial.

Why don't you use labels as listview so the UI looks good like this :

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Yes, you are right.

Thank you :grin: :+1:

Brilliant! I just took a look at the design and script. I have added that and it looks great! Thanks for the suggestion @Salman_Dev. Only that I didn't need most of the script. I have only used the part that controls the design.


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@TIMAI2 this design idea is also great.

You're Welcome

@all how would it feel if a robot greeted you?

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I feel like this.

I think that's normal :rofl:

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Will it feel good if a chatbot could do math? likely not right?