I need help please - chat bot bug

So I was using the default api key for the MIT app inventor chatbot, but I soon reached the quota. I tried again 2 days later and the quote was still reached, giving me error 4200, error from the chat bot: 404 message. I generated a new api key with open ai, but the chatbot still won't work in my app and i am getting the same error. may someone play help me?

Additional information: i call the chatbot twice in my programe code. once to converse a question with a string containing the promt and a second time to reset the conversation after the prompt has been stated to avoid going over my quota limit

Did you already try a search in the community?

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I already checked, i still don't understand how to fix.

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Please be patient, everybody has other jobs to do also...

what does this mean

update: I have been searching for solutions for the past 3 days straight for hours each day. I bought a premium API key for open ai and it still doesn't work. i am about to give up on my app idea please I need help. I have read every other article on this topic and none have instructions on how to fix.

Have you shared your Project aia with the community.

I am not sure how to share my code. I can take screenshots of the parts with the AI upon request.

I am located in the United States, which hasn't blocked AI. The error message says that I am over quota. This problem is giving me an error saying I have reached the quota. Is there anything I can do like to make the conversation quota reset?

What happens if you use the "Reset Conversation" block?

I have the same problem with my app too

You need to add money in your account and it will work!