Chatbot error 404 (ChatGPT is unavailable in some countries )

Hello, I have already programmed a chatbot app and I used chatbot component but after that the chatbot is asked some questions, error 404 occurs. I also used Reset Conversation.

What is the solution?

This app is very important for me if anyone knows the solution please tell me!

This is a part of my code where I used Reset Conversation :point_up::point_up::point_up:

after doing a search in the community I found this thread for you


This should be reminded that I can't sign up in OpenAi and Chatbot because these services are unavailable in my country..

Countries in which ChatGPT is banned or unavailable () for various reasons.

I'm in same country, you can use VPN to sign up in Open AI otherwise, there is no other way, according to the link in @SteveJG's post, Iran recognizes these sites as bad sites for the peoples of the country.

Yes I've tried it before but as OpenAi requires verifying phone number and Iranian number isn't acceptable so, that is not possible..

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