I need help , How I can Installing App Inventor 2 on Windows?

How I can Installing App Inventor 2 on Windows ??
Because I don't found link

@AL-HANOOF MIT App Inventor is a web application you can create your app using MIT's online server https://appinventor.mit.edu/

if you want to contribute to MIT App Inventor then you need to install source code in the local machine for that you can follow the guides provided in the README file.

If you have any other queries fill free to ask.

Thank you


If you want to use an off-line version from your pc you can download it from


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Thank you so much :rose:
but I want to download the App Inventor in the laptop - on Windows - because I don't have Android devices to try the app I created

okay so you can follow this

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Do you want to use the AI2 Emulator ?


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Everyone does that.

There are a lot of emulators available.

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I think bluestack is best for you. I use bluestack for testing my app

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More free emulators in

My current emulator is MemuPlay.
(I only own a flip phone for cell service, though I have a couple of shelfware Androids.)

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