I need another extension NotifyBasic, which is not published

Hello @Mario1 , I create chat with extension Itoo and I need another extension NotifyBasic, which is not published. Please publish it. Thank you in advanced.

Hi! Please use this extension to post notifications to users on your Android app:

Hi Kumaraswamy, thanks for the advice. I have used extension NotificationStyle but it is not working properly. The notification comes only when I start the application or when I delete the chat. Please check my application.

I can't see you using itoo anywhere
And as you are using the notification only in the GotValue event, you obviously will get a notification only when the app is up and running

See also


I tried to use notifications in the sendBtn block, but I got notifications for all messages, including mine. How do I use If block to get notifications only for messages from other users? Thank you for your help,

Try the tutorial

The NotificationStyle extension is now working properly. I moved it to the sendBtn block and added it to the useVoice block. I get notifications on all messages (including mine), but I modified the notification content. It displays the name and text of the message, so all users can see all notifications.