I nead help with save and share a file from Text

want save Text as vcf-File and sharing.
But i have problems with the folder.

i testet “/filename” “file://…”, “storage/…”
i dont now where is the folder-problem between safe and share .

You are trying to save your file to the assets:


This is not possible.

Try saving to your application specific directory


Search the community for other file saving / location options with the new API 30 / Android +10

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I've already tried everything. The problem is that the file is not saved where I want it to be. The "share" will no longer find the file later.

See here:

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Okay, I tested it with just the filename.
But even here, Taifun and normal "share" do not find the file afterwards.

Sorry, but I don't understand what you mean by that? Especially since the problem is currently not writing the file, but sharing it.

don't worry.. as it looks like your problem is solved as you marked @Anke's answer as solution...
my guess is, @Angelo_D does have another question? if yes, he might want to start a new thread...


Sorry, but I must have confused your post with another that I had read from another page, or I must have understood that I wanted to know how to save a file to disk, and I replied.

I delete the comment

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