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Good Day All, I have virtually completed my little Unit Price app, and am refining saving of data. But things have suddenly changed markedly. Up to recent I used the '/filename' system which worked well on all my devices. Then, after googles security update system this no longer works as cannot access SD card. There is no need for me to have any specific directory or folder, and, to configure only for sd card. When I changed to saving simply 'filename' it works without question on all my devices, with the data back on phone not SD card. It runs on all my devices from my old Samsung S4 running Android 5 to new Samsung 20 Ultra 5g, running Android 11. I am quite happy with this configuration, if I build a package 'Bundle' 'aab', will this continue to run on all without problems? Thanks in advance.

This works well

why not try

Try these blocks (with Companion & APK) and you will probably understand:

Hi Anke, thanks for your answer. It motivated me to check my work. I had done similar but not with the result I needed. Finally, gave my head a knock and using FileScope set to 'App', AND, with a filename properly suffixed with .txt, the system saved the file in a 'sharing' manner. That is, I can now connect my phone to laptop, find the file, OPEN it to view and print! Previously it saved the file without probs, but was it was private and I could NOT open it. Now it paves the way for future tweaking to print results or have another app get the file...Will check on all my devices to ensure it is so.
Eddie B

Yes, it was saved in the internal storage, which can only be accessed with a rooted device.
See also here.

If the text file should also be accessible via the device, it must be saved in the shared storage, as the ASD is no longer visible / accessible on devices with Android 11.