I miss an option to copy a existing screen to another namen

I would like some copy past actions to reduce work. For example to copy/past an entire screen to the same or an other app.
When making a boardgame it is a lot of work to make all the fields to create a board. An array of identical fields would be nice, all properties of all members can be set in one place, or otherwise the option to copy/paste a field.

Search this board for Wordle in a Day.

I do understand, and have used in many cases, the for each option. But clicking all the buttons or labels in the disignerscreen can be laborious. Therefore my request for a copy/paste action.

Have you seen

and the MIT page on editting in the Designer

(I can't find a link to that MIT editting page on the main AI2 server.)

Thank you. This is what I wanted. I tried with right-click but not with key-strokes. I am happy!

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