I have some problem about my code block project. I am collecting data in first screen using tinyDB to diplay in second screen but after i am back to first screen and come back again to the second screen the data disappear. what's wrong?

I want to collect data in first screen to display chart in second screen. I am not making a sign In sign up project but the function maybe similar like that. I collect data to tinyDB and take it in second screen but when I am coming back again to the second screen after first screen the data is disapper.
this is my first screen code block

and this one is my second screen code block.

May some one can give me advice to display data like chart from tinyDB without extension. I see some of feature that including in chart codeblock that can display data from tinyDB to chart. the code block name is .importfromtinyDB.

If you are running clock timers on your screens, you need to turn them off before switching screens

tinydb can store data or lists, you can use either to load the chart component with data for display.

how to make that. I am new here and just 3 days I use this platform to make rapid application. do you know how to display tinyDB to chart without extension?

BTW I want to using Virtual Screen

You are using data from the tinydb to populate a chart. Read the documentation for tinydb on how to store and retrieve data.

The AI2 Charts component has some direct TinyDB support, at