I have a problem Can you help me because I want open and modify can you help me

I have an apk that I want to open and modify, can someone help me?

So what is the name of the application that I will download

You may be interested in second option in above FAQ Section, by Boban.

So you made an app with App Inventor and now want to edit the apk. Why not just edit the project?

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APK is to App Inventor what EXE is to programming languages. EXE and APK are EXECUTABLE versions generated by a programmer on a development platform. The project cannot be changed from the executable, but from the source code. In App Inventor, source codes generate files with an AIA extension and are editable.

In App Inventor, APK is the executable and it doesn't give you access to the source code. If that were possible, any paid or free App posted from Google Play would be available for appropriation by any user. Any user could download an App and modify third-party projects.

In short. That's not possible. Forget that possibility or any extension that offers you this miracle.

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