I can only select and drag certain blocks

There are only a few blocks I can select and drag, the rest do not work. When I hoover the mouse over there is nothing selected and also when clicking and trying to drag it won't let me.
Please can someone helps fix this issue.

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Hey can show some images or something? You should put some more detail so people can help.

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MIT App Inventor.pdf (142.1 KB)

Not as a downloadable file, upload images directly to the forum

What browser are you using? This does sometimes matter.

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Also, are you using an external mouse or a touch pad?

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I've edited my initial post. Please see above.
Thank you

I'm using Google Chrome

no external mouse. Just the built in touchpad.

you might want to try Firefox to find out, if it is a browser issue...

Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.

That pullout palette has a gray scroll bar you should be able to drag down to see the rest of the control blocks.

Thank you. I've tried and still not working...

Thank you.
The problem is not seeing the other blocks but being able to select and drag them. For most blocks I cannot select the first 3 in the list. The rest of the blocks I am able to use.

Like Taifun said, use Firefox, and stay away from browser extensions.
They can interfere with AI2.

There appears to be another icon above the MIT App Inventor logo. There was a while back a similar issue reported:

My guess is that whatever app/extension/etc. adds this icon to the webpage is interfering with the ability to drag some of the blocks since it captures/suppresses mouse events.

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@ewpatton Eagle eye! And excellent memory too. I should remember this.

Now I'm even more curious than before. grafik ?

@Zenotravel So please tell us where this icon comes from.

Hi I have solved the problem it was my anti virus control stopping me The icon you see is the anti virus blocking Thanks everyone feel kind of stupid taking this long to solve it Regards

That's one for the FAQ @ABG :grin:

I also use anti virus on my PCs / notebooks, but I have never seen this icon.