I am trying to make a gauge that will display the real time Arduino IOT data for the water tank level

For my project I am planning to make an app to control a smart home the issue I am facing is regarding understanding how to make a gauge that will display the water tank level I saw quite a few forums making custom compass gauges etc but me being new to this Avenue could not understand the process properly can anyone help me in making this gauge and integrating it to the Arduino IOT cloud gauge so that the real time data can be displayed.

Hello Melvin

You will find a substantial Gauge project, by Gerard Bucas, in the Gallery which you can use to generate gauges with.


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Welcome Melvin.

Here are two analog gauges that might be appropriate Make an Analog Gauge and use it to display something useful .

Hi thank you for this solution one more doubt though once I create the gauge I should add it as an animation (image sprite) is this the procedure? and then how exactly will it update in real time when I link it with the arduino IOT cloud?

It was a bit hard for me to understand this page hence I had not referred to it earlier

I don't see in this thread how you plan to communicate with the IOT device:

  • BlueTooth
  • BLE
  • Web

Try this example
WaterGauge.aia (44.5 KB)

Since Jan 2020 Google made changes which allow simplification.

This was tested on an Android 8.1

Does this help?

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Web using the esp8266 wifi module

Yes thank you very much I'll choose either this one or the above one shared by chris now the only doubt pending is about the interface between the sensor and this gauge using the arduino iot cloud

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