Hi I can't get through the page
My safari browser says that it is not secure and does not let me go further..
My safari version is Versión 13.1.1 (15609.
But I do not know how to login for the first time. It is a little frustrating. Can you help me out with this?
I guess it is very simple, but I cannot make it.
Thank you, very much.

A similar question was asked before...

Try to go to this link.
Also, try using chrome.

  1. Opera is not 100% compatible with App Inventor - use FireFox or Chrome.
  2. Just type-in
  3. That should trigger Google Oauth sign-in and then take you into your App Inventor IDE

@ChrisWard I think it is some kind of internet problem. Maybe a firewall or something. Hey, @Javier_Corchero can you put a screenshot of what comes up when you try to access it?

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