Http:// cant Open on my Chrome Browser refused opening on my PC Chrome and Opera Browser with Error message ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE or ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED. Please how do i make it work?

Hi @EvaB,

It may be that some other software either on your computer or between your computer and Google is interfering with your connection. What happens if you use this URL:

Thanks a lot, it worked

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Thanks for letting us know, @EvaB . Would you mind sending me a private message with your location and your internet service provider so that we can track this issue internally?

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Hi, I had a similar problem ("ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED") and Evan's link worked for me.

It seems there's no SSL certificate for so you can't reach the URL via https. Only the subdomain "ai2." is affected by this problem.

@Carsten Please send me a PM to let me know where you're located.