How to update my app without reinstalling

Guys i want to update my app that i created using mit app inventor as i am facing probelms regarding the updates of the app so kindly help me ..
Tell me how to notify the user that i have released the update of my app and how to download and upload
the update of the app without the problem of reinstalling the app . Thank You

Update My App - Extension - Useful to app builders to update their distributed apps

This way the user can update the app the next time they open your app!

Thanks Brother But its Not Working ...
I tried The same Thing Before ..
Thank You

Do you know other tricks , kindly share with me

No, I do not know any other :grimacing:

I have another trick that doesn't need to use extensions
Please Check This :

Do not use all capital letters in your title or in your posts please. I changed your title to lowercase.

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