How to save read and retrive multiple data with tiny db

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mam/sir i cant understand the above one.WHAT SHOULD I DO RUN MY APP WITHOT PROBLEMS?????

Mam/sir while uploading the picture it is showing The picture is too large " what can i do

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You did not give any reply to this. How will anyone help you?

You have to mention what your problem is and how it occurs!

For that look here

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in the first screen the tbox is not selecting
and in the secoend screen it is going to the first tbox even i select the last one

Your problem is probably with the tinydb. You have TinyDB1 and TinyDB2 but these are both using the same namespace TinyDB1, therefore when saving you are overwriting tags, because the tags are the same. Use different tags, or use a different namespace (and ensure you select the namespace each time you save or call a tinydb.

Mam/sir i am studying just 8th .i can understand that tiny db and tags but cant understand that namespase and overwriting

To save you searching the forum yourself...see here

For this problem can i use 1 tiny db and 1 cloud db

If yes can you tell me what tags to use in cloud db for storing deleting and updating data

Sory not tags it is blocks

You need some samples to study showing how to save data with multiple parts.
Here are some samples ...

Thanks a lot