How to save read and retrive multiple data with tiny db

I am making a calculating app for my father ,i saw videos and placed all the blocks but while running it creates more and more error


Also look HERE

and also

Learn about using lists:

General Tutorials this is the link of my app can you please check the problem mam\sir

I cant download the blocks as there are more blocks and my tab is getting strucked. So can you please look at the app and tell the problem.

kannaku.aia (49.6 KB) as you told mam/sir

Where exactly is the error though?

while saving

both shop name and calculated data

Can you please wait mam\sir

Please send everything in 1 post

And I didn't quite get this...

It is telling new commer can post only 6 photos

blocks (11)

thats all mam/sir all the blocks completed